School Uniform

The PTA have decided to take back the responsibility for managing the ordering of school uniform for the school, rather than using an online ordering system. There will be PTA members in the front entrance of the school from 3pm each Monday to help parents with this.

They have a sample sizing set for you to use to make sure that you order the correct size and they will support you in the ordering process if you require it. Order forms are available from the school office and will soon be available on the website to download.

Orders can be placed at any time and should be fulfilled within two weeks, subject to availability. Payment must be made with the order, but this can be sent in to the school in a child’s bookbag, but must be in a named envelope, labelled “Uniform order”.

We are currently in a transition period for this and request a little additional patience while the full system is sorted out, but please be assured that the school and the PTA will do their utmost to fulfil orders as quickly and smoothly as possible.